Well-crafted dentures can restore your smile and allow you to have improved function and quality without compromising comfort.

Denturists are licensed to fabricate, repair and adjust complete dentures, partial dentures and removable implant retained dentures

Experience the Difference

Benefits of a Denturist

  • Replacing your natural teeth is more than trusting someone with your smile. Your appearance and your entire image are at stake.
  • Your Denturist is an expert in the design, construction, fitting and adjustment of complete and removable partial dentures, as well as overdentures on implants.
  • Denturists study the clinical and technical aspects of removable dentures and general health.
  • Anyone can consult a Denturist without a referral from another health care professional.
  • Denturists’ laboratory work is performed on the premises by the Denturist who sees you. This ensures quality of care is consistent and personal.
  • Your Denturist’s expertise and professionalism make him or her the best possible choice to help you derive the maximum benefit from the most advanced denture technology.
  • Most Denturists’ fees are covered by dental plans, Veterans Affairs, Supplementary Health, MCP and other private insurance companies. If you have a dental plan, ask your Denturist to assist you in determining what specific services are covered.
  • If your dentures are poor fitting, more than five years old or causing you discomfort, make an appointment to talk with your Denturist. You can improve your appearance, self-confidence, comfort and possibly your health with quality replacement dentures.